4 - 1.5 Lvl5

Our workforce feels confident to speak and act to support the individual or groups of older people and they have autonomy over the services they receive.

How do we measure up?

  •  Evidence that consumer has choice and control over the support service they receive and when necessary support staff will advocate for them.   
  •  Data collected shows a decrease in support hours provided where there has been an increase in consumers’ capacity and ability as an outcome of wellness and reablement strategies.
  •  Consumers who need support to make decisions are provided with information on how to access the support they need. 
  •  Evidence that risks are considered through a person-centred approach and reflects what is important to the client. Staff can give examples of how they support a client to make choices. 
  •  Evidence of how the organisation supports the client’s choices e.g.:  social support group activities align with client interests.