Animated examples of success stories

Older man with a 4 wheely walker

A reablement example with Angie Slater

Angie gives us the reablement example about a client who was initially too proud to ask for help to put on his socks. Watch the animation to see what the solution was.

A reablement example with Alison Vella

Hilary talks to Alison Vella about a client she encountered who was having difficulty with balance and falls. This is her example of how she approached the issue with a successful outcome.

A reablement example with Dr. Elissa Burton

Elissa talks about a person with dementia who wanted to continue to walk his dog. Watch the animation to see what the solution was.

Reablement conversations with Hilary O’Connell

These animations were inspired by Hilary O’Connell, our Principal Advisor of Healthy Ageing and Reablement, and the conversations she has had with a diverse range of professionals from the aged care sector. To listen to this fascinating series visit our ‘podcasts’ page.

Hilary O'Connell
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