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At KeepAble, we know you need accessible, practical resources to support wellness and reablement practices. In collaboration with service providers, we have created a range of resources for everyone, from RAS assessors, to coordinators, allied health staff and support staff. We support your team to help clients regain and maintain independence, dignity and autonomy.
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    What is wellness and reablement?
    Like Wellness, Reablement aims to assist people to maximise their independence and autonomy through time-limited interventions that are targeted at a person’s specific goal to adapt to a functional loss or regain confidence and capacity to resume daily activities without the need for continued support.
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    Assistive Technology (AT) Resources
    Learning a new way to do a task and using new technology or equipment can be overwhelming. Our factsheets explain some of the low-risk assistive technology (AT) available, why it might be helpful for your clients, and how to use it.
  • Get serious about Goal Setting
    Communication between client and service provider when discussing a client’s goals and planning how to achieve them gives the client a voice, making them feel that their goals are the focal point of the support being provided.
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    Reablement essentials
    Reablement Essentials are practical resources that support the implementation of wellness and reablement. Each Reablement Essential is dedicated to a specific topic and content is carefully curated by our Sector Support and Development team at KeepAble. View volume 1 here.
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    Assistive Technology Essentials (Parts 1 & 2)
    The Assistive Technology Essentials Guide introduces the benefits of Assistive Technology (AT) and the role it plays as part of a wellness and reablement service delivery approach. The guide aims to build awareness and product knowledge for home care providers and can be accessed as an eBook or downloaded as a PDF. Read Part 1 and Part 2 as an eBook online, or download the PDF document to print or read offline.
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    Reablement tip sheets
    The implementation of short-term reablement support involved active assessment, goal setting, planning, positive risk-taking, and a focus on outcomes. Review and download the Reablement Tip Sheet PDF document here.
  • Essential steps for successful coaching
    Essential steps for successful coaching
    On this page, you will find some steps which will assist you to provide an effective coaching session to support workers within your organisation. Review and download the Coaching Session interactive PDF document here.
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    Guide to writing a support plan
    This resource addresses the care planning process from the point of receiving the client’s Support Plan through to Discharge. Not only does it address the documentation process, but it includes strategies and resources for engaging clients effectively in the process. 
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I look to empower the person by using motivating and positive language and use what I am seeing and hearing to clarify their perspective.
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