Evidence to support the wellness and reablement initative

Below is a selection of evidence based resources and information to support the wellness and reablement intiative. KeepAble updates this section regularly, so please return to discover new links.
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KeepAble Evidence Hub
We source recent publications that inform reablement practices and summarise the important points. In short, we do the reading, so you don’t have to!
AAG Grey literature library
The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) Grey Literature Library is a space to broaden and review your knowledge via resources that exist outside of usual academic and commercial channels. It includes policy papers, webinars, fact sheets and reports.
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A summary of consultations across the home care sector
This report summarises what Nous heard about the existing understanding and uptake of W&R approaches in the home care sector.
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Reablement approach to care for older people
This piece provides knowledge about innovative approaches to reablement training for staff and an insight into a regional approach to reablement delivery within a single community-based organisation.
Australian Government embedding Reablement booklet
Practical guide to embed Wellness and Reablement
The Practical Guide for Embedding Wellness and Reablement into service delivery has been developed to provide Commonwealth Home Support Programme service providers with the practical information and tools needed to embed wellness and reablement approaches.
Choose health, be active Australian government information
Choose health, be active
The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care have a collection of tools and guides for CHSP providers to help you embed wellness and reablement approaches into your service delivery.
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Support at Home – Frequently asked questions
This document provides answers to frequently asked questions from the Support at Home Q&A sessions held in December 2023.
Essential steps for successful coaching
New Aged Care Act – Q&A session
This webinar recording is a Q&A session about the draft new Aged Care Act, which was available for consultation from 14 December 2023 to 8 March 2024.
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