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Join us for an extraordinary webinar 'Rethink Reablement' tailored for in-home aged care providers and stakeholders within the aged care sector. We have a lineup of distinguished speakers and presenters who are at the forefront of innovation and expertise in wellness and reablement.

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PD modules

In this module, you’ll be encouraged to think about the activities a person does everyday, and how those activities support a client’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional needs for health and wellbeing, and provide opportunities for reablement.

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Reablement conversations

Hilary O’Connell, our Principal Advisor of Healthy Ageing and Reablement, has been chatting with a diverse range of people working in aged care and getting their views, experience and success stories on reablement.

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New CHSP manual

The manual forms part of the CHSP grant agreement and outlines the operation of the program. It provides an overview of the CHSP, including funded service types and their requirements.

CHSP new manual
Welcome to KeepAble

Compiled by a team of dedicated professionals, KeepAble is an online collaborative hub for practical content and free resources that supports home and community care service providers to deliver wellness and reablement approaches.

These insights and ideas aim to assist providers to work with, and empower older people to optimise their independence and live life well for longer.

Recognised as influential by gaining two ACSA nominations in their Aged Care Awards celebrating outstanding achievements and contributions made by organisations, KeepAble continues to grow and develop with the help of co-design from the sector to become the ‘go to’ resource for wellness and reablement support, information, training and advice.

Working together to bring wellness and reablement to life

KeepAble aims to do what the name suggests. We’re dedicated to finding and sharing evidence-based research, resources, and real-life stories about ageing well, so older people can live well for longer.

Here, you’ll find content that helps deliver wellness and reablement in actionable steps, coupled with Australian Government materials such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual and the Living Well At Home: CHSP Good Practice Guide.

According to research, the key to ageing well and living a good quality of life for longer is to compress functional decline by living more healthy years rather than just living longer. This can be achieved by:

  • moving regularly – through everyday activities and exercise
  • staying socially connected
  • maintaining a balanced diet, and
  • having a sense of purpose.
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Reablement Conversations – A podcast series with Hilary O’Connell

With our mission to build awareness about reablement in the aged care sector, Hilary O’Connell, our Principal Advisor of Healthy Ageing and Reablement, has been chatting with a diverse range of people working in aged care and getting their diverse views.  So far we’ve talked to researchers in reablement, Home Care Managers, Regional Assessment Services, and Aged Care Practice Advisors.

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Review the Reablement Example video left, which was a part of the podcast chat with Angie Slater .

Count Me In

Our free-to-join ‘Count Me In’ hub is ideal for aged care sector professionals. Your registration is your access to everything Wellness and Reablement; here you’ll find the latest professional development eLearning courses, download support information for you, your organisation, and your clients, access professionally developed, evidence-based presentations, and read eBooks, all at your convenience – at home, in the office, or on the go.

You can also get in touch with our team of professionals to ask questions, and request bespoke presentations on Wellness and Reablement to suit you and your team. And this year will see the introduction of a ‘Count Me In’ members portal to capture all your training activity, and save all your documents for ease in your reporting.

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Latest news in age care

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Aged care reforms government brochure - July 23
Aged care reforms – A guide for providers
This booklet gives providers of in-home aged care and residential aged care an overview of what reforms will impact them, as well as how they can access support and have their say about the reforms.
CHSP new manual
New release CHSP Program Manual 2023-2024
This manual forms part of the CHSP grant agreement and outlines the operation of the program, including funded service types and their requirements. This is the latest release covering 2023-2024.
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A new program for In-Home Aged Care – Summary
Review a summary of the new program for in-home aged care from the department of health.
It includes a discussion paper for contributions from the aged care sector.
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Ageing is not the problem. How we deal with it is.
Pru Goward is a former sex discrimination commissioner and NSW Liberal Minister. She is a professor at Western Sydney University and a director with Taylor Fry, Data Analysts and Actuaries. In September 2020, she wrote this opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald.
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Redefine what’s possible with KeepAble, to add more good days and make every opportunity matter.

Published articles online from KeepAble

Here are a few articles published on the digital platform of the Australian Ageing Agenda from KeepAble
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Understanding the science of ageing well
The Team at KeepAble has set out to present facts and information about the science of ageing well and the importance of creating opportunities for consumers of aged care services to continue doing the things they enjoy and to live better for longer. 
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KeepAble provides access to trusted resources
iLA (Independent Living Assessment Inc.) launched KeepAble as a free online Wellness and Reablement knowledge and resource hub for home care providers, people working in the aged care sector, clients, and communities across Australia.
Healthy ageing Elderly lady in the swimming pool
Are you game ready to deliver wellness and reablement?
Knowing what it takes to succeed at any level of sport we choose to participate in, are we able to ask questions about our level of performance in the aged care sector?
Older couple dancing outside among trees
Healthy ageing: the time to start is now
Once upon a time, there were some misconceptions to old age, such as losing independence, reduced quality of life, and worsening chronic diseases. The good news is, that every individual has a choice to change that. 

Find out more about KeepAble by watching this video.


General FAQ for KeepAble

We answer your most common questions about Wellness and Reablement.
  • Wellness is an approach that builds on the strengths, capacity, and goals of individuals and encourages actions that promote a level of independence in daily living tasks, as well as reducing risks to living safely at home. ​ It is ‘doing with’ people ‘not doing for’ them.

    Watch KeepAble expert Hilary O’Connell discussing this question
  • Reablement involves time-limited interventions that are targeted towards a person’s specific goal or desired outcome to adapt to some functional loss or regain confidence and capacity to resume activities.

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  • Wellness and Reablement are closely aligned as the same principles apply to both but Reablement is time-limited, focused support with the aim to get a person back to doing everyday tasks themselves.

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  • Service providers are required to work with older people to maximise their independence and enable them to remain living safely in their home and the community. This means that services should generally not undertake tasks that the client can do safely themselves. The longer the client avoids reliance on ongoing services, the longer they are likely to maintain their functional independence.

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  • The approach known as Wellness and Reablement builds on people’s strengths and goals to promote greater independence and autonomy. Offering care that focuses on individual client goals and recognises the importance of client participation is fundamental to the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

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  • Traditional models of service delivery that focus on what a client can’t do, rather than what they can, tend to lead to an over-reliance on services by clients, which has been linked with accelerated functional decline and an increase in dependence on support.

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  • Research suggests that people living with dementia can maintain their functional ability for longer, improve aspects of their day-to-day lives, or reduce the rate of decline in their ability, through specific approaches that are consistent with the term ‘reablement’. A focus on improving or maintaining functional ability may also lead to other beneficial outcomes, such as improved quality of life and independence, or the ability to remain living at home for longer.

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