Everything you do for me; You take from me

How often do you think about the demands and benefits of activities you do every day? There is a lot of complexity involved in getting dressed, driving the car, writing a shopping list or just going for a walk. The ageing science is clear – healthy ageing is achieved by being physically, cognitively and socially active. This session encourages you to think about the activities we do every day, and how they can meet clients physical, cognitive and social needs for health and wellness.

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Bitesize module for Everything you do for me; you take from me
Bitesize presentation

Faciliators Guide

Skills and activities sheet

Sample answers sheet

The Facilitator’s Guide for this module and support documents will help presenters to deliver this presentation with ease. Just click the images above to download each PDF and print them out to have a support resource when presenting. You can also use the links below to download the support documents.

Skills and Activities sheet – print out as many copies as needed. One for each group or one per person as a guide.

Sample answers sheet – print out as many copies as needed. One for each group or one per person as a guide.

Feedback sheet – print out as many copies as needed. One for each group or one per person as a guide.

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We value your feedback and suggestions. Please have your group complete the feedback sheet after each session. Keep one copy for your reference and forward another copy to KeepAble@ilaustralia.org.au for our continued improvement of these resources.

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