Rethink Reablement forum review

Provider and client together

The recording of the Rethink Reablement forum

We had an amazing lineup of distinguished speakers and presenters who are all at the forefront of innovation and expertise in wellness and reablement.

You can review the recording of the webinar here, whether you missed it on the day or just want to experience the presentations again.

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Recording timecodes:

00:00:00 – Intro from Paul Sadler

00:02:45 – Hilary O’Connell – The why of Reablement

00:24:56 – Nick Morgan – Reablement and Support at Home

00:40:29 – Joanna Maxwell – What’s age got to do with it?

01:27:23 – Angie Slater – Reablement from a provider perspective

01:58:54 – Alison Vella – Reablement from an assessor perspective

02:29:19 – Pat Sparrow – Reablement from the consumer perspective

02:41:51 – Kirsten Campbell – Everything you do for me, you take from me

03:34:31 – Paul Sadler – Wrap up of the forum

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Q&A raised by the forum

Here are just a few questions that attendees posted on the day or that were raised in presentations and the answers to those questions. If you have any questions that you need the answer to, please email us at:
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Supporting resources and information

Some of the issues and resources mentioned in the forum by our wonderful presenters can be found expanded on here.
Hilary O'Connell presenting at the KeepAble forum
Reablement conversations
These animations were inspired by Hilary O’Connell, our Principal Advisor of Healthy Ageing and Reablement, and the conversations she has had with a diverse range of professionals from the aged care sector. To listen to this fascinating series visit our ‘podcasts’ page.
Kirsten Campbell - part of the KeepAble team
Bitesize presentations
The presentation by Kirsten Campbell, ‘Everything you do for me, you take from me‘ was taken from the series of Bitesize modules as created by KeepAble, and free to access and download here.
Angie Slater forum presenter
Juniper’s Angie Slater talks all things reablement!
Director of Home Care and Retirement Living at Juniper, Angie Slater, featured as a presenter in the Rethink Reablement forum. Read more about Angie’s view on Reablement here.
Alison Vella from Aspire4Life
Aspire4Life – What is reablement?
Alison Vella talked about reablement from the perspective of an assessor. Find out more form Aspire$Life website on the subject.
Joanna Maxwell
Joanna Maxwell – Changing perspectives
Joanna’s presentation focussed on ageism and the perceived negative impact this can have in society today. Find out more about this research here.
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