Personal Perspective stories

Each of us have a different story …

No matter where we are on our life’s path the thought of being able to continue to do the things that matter to us as we age is desirable to us all but the challenges and the journey we face to achieve this are unique to each of us …. dependent on our genetics, behaviour and environment.  Like in the stories we have shared on this page, everyone’s situation, the challenges they faced and the ways they sought to overcome them are unique them.  But we hope through reading their stories they may inspire, give you hope or motivate you to work toward more good days to your life.
  • John Quinn with wife on a beach
    Putting Reablement into Practice
    As a person living with Alzheimer’s Disease, John is challenging the belief that a diagnosis means ‘end of life’. Here he explains how, with adaptations and timely therapy, it is possible to live life well with dementia.  
  • Paul-Chapman-artist
    Taking Care of Cultural and Spiritual Wellness
    Paul’s story highlights the importance of providing services in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Elderly man being helped to stretch
    Getting back to before
    Phil says that “sometimes it’s just a matter of having some help to get back to where you were”
  • Older couple dancing outside among trees
    Moving is good for us
    We all know moving more is good for us and the people we support. We know that we need to be more active to help with ageing well, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started.
  • elderly couple playing checkers
    Small things can make a big difference
    Claire was relieved to no longer have to bend down to help her husband put on his shoes and socks
  • Elderly man out walking in the city
    Getting out and about to reconnect
    After he stopped driving, Stan decided it was time to get some help to be able to reconnect with his family and friends using a mobile app and public transport.
Elderly lady being assisted by her support worker
Sometimes it’s just a matter of having some help to get back to where you were