Moving is good for us

a couple out for a walk.

Sometimes it’s just about moving a bit more every day in whatever way works for each person.

Take a moment to watch this great video about Sue and her determination to keep moving every day in a way that worked for her and has put her back on her feet. Understanding what movement will work best for you is a personal choice and is dependent on your abilities and many other factors such as, has exercise played a part in your life in the past?

There may come a time when guidance from a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist could assist you to get the most out of any exercise or movement you wish to undertake. As in Sue’s story, she found this through an exercise group but there are many ways to get the exercise we need so we can keep our bodies moving and continue to do the activities we wish to do. This can be achieved through the incidental activities in our daily tasks such as domestic chores, gardening, or walking to the shops instead of driving or maybe a more formalised format such as attending a walking or swimming group, dance classes, Tai Chi, yoga, gym or exercise class.

Whatever choice you make, it is important to enjoy the experience and know that it is assisting you to enjoy the life you choose for longer.

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