Guide to writing support plans

Why are support plans important?

Support/care plans are a guide for clients, their carers, and support staff on how they will work together when progressing towards achieving a clients’ goals.

Support plans build on information collected at the time of assessment. They cover recommended strategies and break down goals into doable steps to take in the client’s pursuit of gaining increased independence.

Support plans are a communication tool for all involved that also identifies the roles each person plays. They provide a record of the progress a client makes and the solutions identified when challenges arise.

What does a good support plan look like?

Like any plan, it will need to identify what it is the client wishes to achieve. The client’s strengths and abilities are to be recorded and the areas where the support is required. Goals need to be clearly stepped out, identifying who is responsible for each of the steps or actions stated. The steps may need to be reviewed and changed along the way. Changes should be recorded in the plan to ensure everyone involved is aware and guided by the most up-to-date information.

Ebook Support-plan
Ebook checklist

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Steps to follow when developing a support plan

eBook on writing support plans

The KeepAble team hopes that this eBook is a valuable resource in supporting your organisation, staff, and clients to work in partnership, identify opportunities for wellness and reablement and provide the support that makes every opportunity matter to improve the quality of life and independence of older people.

This eBook is the first one in a series of ebooks we plan to produce. We would love your feedback on how well it met your needs and/or any areas for improvement. Let us know what ebook subject/s would be most beneficial to your organisation. Send us your thoughts via the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

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For more guidance material on CHSP service provider responsibilities relating to support/care planning, refer to the CHSP Programme Manual, the Aged Care Quality Standards, and the Commonwealth Reablement Digital landing page.


Assessment meeting for a client
Take time to understand what the client wants to achieve, the things they want to or don’t want to change and how they think they can achieve these outcomes


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