Please find answers below to some of the most asked questions about KeepAble and wellness and reablement from clients and community. If you have other questions you wish answered, or have any further feedback, please use our contact us form.

FAQ from Clients and Community

  • Reablement is an approach that aims to assist people to continue living as they wish. Family members can be reluctant to accept a wellness and reablement approach for several reasons. By explaining what reablement is and that it can help you stay at home for longer may help them understand your decision.  
    Our factsheet will help you discuss reablement with your family. Click the link below to read more.

    Read our Factsheet
  • Assistive technology is the term used for any item or device which helps a person carry out an activity. See our guide ‘Making Choices, Finding Solutions’ for basic assistive technologies that can be easily found in the community. 

    Or take a look at our sister website ‘LiveUp‘ to find out more about healthy ageing.

    Go to the LiveUp website
  • Rehabilitation and Reablement both focus on helping people identify and achieve goals. Rehabilitation has been historically known as a high-intensity intervention in hospitals and out-patient settings with formal assessments of function. 

    Rehabilitation often involves a multi-disciplinary team 

    Reablement focuses on supporting and restoring functional ability for individuals at home and is an active process of regaining skills and confidence. It is mostly prompted by a decline in health or function rather than a specific event or illness.

    See this graphic to explain
  • Ageing does not mean declining. Take a look at our Independence ‘check up’ to find out where you are on your journey and when to get help.

    Review this graphic

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Find the resources you need on KeepAble

Check out our ‘Links to resources‘ page here to find all our free and available downloadable resources.   

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Resources for Home Care Providers

Here are some useful resources to help your organisation deliver Wellness and Reablement.
  • Making choices finding solutions cover
    Making choices, finding solutions
    This guide has been developed so people can make informed decisions when choosing assistive technology and home modification solutions. Review the eBook online.
  • senior lady with service provider
    KeepAble resources to download
    This page provides links to all our resources for download on one page. We do suggest reading the supporting articles however to gain a true understanding of the accompanying resource.
  • Group discussing Wellness and reablement implementation
    It’s time to get serious about goal setting
    For those accessing aged care supports, setting goals and planning towards achieving them provides the person a voice, making them and what they wish to achieve the focal point of the support being provided.
  • Guide to writing support plans
    A support plan provides guidance to clients and support staff so they can work together to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Support worker writing a report
    Preparing your annual Wellness and Reablement report
    Compiling your annual Wellness and Reablement report requires preparation and ensuring you have collected the right data.
  • Assistive technology clothing assistance
    Assistive Technology Essentials (Part one)
    The aim of this guide is to build awareness and knowledge among Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers and the broader aged care sector of the benefits of Assistive Technology (AT) and the role it plays as part of a Wellness and Reablement service delivery approach with improved outcomes for older people.
  • Elderly lady getting out of a car
    Assistive Technology Essentials (Part two)
    Assistive Technology Essentials Part 2 is a guide for consumers, families, practitioners, and the home support sector that support them. Based on the best available evidence and extensive practice knowledge, this resource is a valuable knowledge translation tool in the rapidly evolving landscape of assistive technology.
  • group social support playing bowls
    Group Social Support – It starts with a conversation
    Initial conversations undertaken with clients need to explore how they previously socialised, what prevents them from returning to previous activities, how long has it been, and how they envisage their social network to look in the future.