Welcome to Reablement Essentials volume1 – LifeCurve™. LifeCurve™ is an evidence-based tool that can improve the Wellness and Reablement discussion between providers and clients. Using this resources, providers can help clients recognise the value of the wellness and reablement approach.

You may have seen reference to LifeCurve™ in the CHSP Manual 2023-24. At KeepAble, we believe this evidence-based tool can encourage clients to reflect upon their ageing journey and potential for independence and wellbeing.

The resources in this volume will introduce you to LifeCurve™ and demonstrate how it can be used to empower clients and facilitate partnership between you to promote wellbeing and independence.

Volume 1 is suitable for:

Introduction to LifeCurve™ eLearning course: There is a supporting course available to introduce you to the LifeCurve™. You can register here. We recommend doing the eLearning course first, then supplement your knowledge and practice with this downloadable resource.

Reablement Essentials – volume 1

Implementing wellness and reablement involved “doing with”, rather than “doing for” clients. Have you clients ever resisted this approach? Have you ever been asked, “Why won’t you just do it for me?” Find out why we think LifeCurve can change the conversation about reablement between providers and client.

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