Preparing for your annual Wellness and Reablement report

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Under a CHSP grant funding agreement, a Wellness and Reablement Report must be submitted by providers.

The Australian Government Department of Health first created the report in late 2018. In essence, the report aims to identify an organisation’s progress towards implementing Wellness and Reablement. 

The report also assists the Department and providers to identify areas that require focus and/or support. Equally, it helps identify national resource gaps or potential strategies that could drive continuous improvement.  

The most recent wellness and reablement report, was undertaken in 2020 with the aim of building understanding and identifying areas that the Department and CHSP providers can focus on to further embed wellness and reablement practices.

The Department stated in the CHSP Program Manual 2020-22 (2.5.3) that they will also conduct an annual desktop review of wellness and reablement practices across a sample of CHSP service providers. This will examine service information in My Aged Care, related client support plans and data in the DSS Data Exchange. 

The annual review will examine a random sample of up to ten per cent of CHSP providers nationally per annum. Depending on outcomes of this process, the Department may contact individual service providers to discuss their service delivery patterns. Service providers will also be required to comply with any reasonable requests for additional data arising from the review process.

This review will provide a detailed understanding of the support and care planning process for service providers and clients. Effectiveness of support services in assisting clients to meet their goals can also be reviewed.

Required information

The reporting template is forwarded to providers every year.  

Preparing an appropriate response requires providers to collect both quantitative and qualitative information. This should include examples of how the Wellness and Reablement support was provided and the outcomes for the client. 

The reporting template seeks information relating to:

Responding to this report with confidence requires planning. Planning ensures relevant information is collected and documented in the organisation’s client management system. Many systems have the capability to flag and report this information to utilise in surveys. 

All support staff need to be aware of the importance of regularly updating client progress and documents. Recording examples is not only crucial for reporting, but also for celebrating client achievements with their families.

Support worker and elderly lady in a wheelchair inside
Providers are required to provide both quantitative and qualitative information, including examples of how the Reablement support was provided, and the outcomes for the client.

Wellness and Reablement Report Outcomes 2019/20

Reading previous reports can help you gain an understanding of the history, outcomes and learnings to date.   

The outcomes report from the 2019/20 survey are available here.  

There were many interesting points from the 2019/20 report, particularly whether organisations: 

This document illustrates some of the service delivery examples included in the report. Download this Service provider examples PDF.

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Reporting resources

Just a few of the resources to help with reporting for you to review and download from KeepAble. Click each heading open the PDF.
Support worker going over support plan
Toolkit for embedding wellness and reablement
Provides CHSP managers with support to implement change at an organisational level to embed, review and establish continuous improvement mechanisms on wellness and reablement. The toolkit is designed for use with the Practical Guide to Embed Wellness and Reablement which focuses on service delivery.
Practical guide for embedding wellness and reablement into service delivery
This practical guide is for all CHSP organisations. It covers to support their intake processes, develop care plans, and deliver support focussing on client strengths to continue living at home as independently as they can.
Older lady with a stick
Identifying opportunities for reablement
Guidance to introduce reablement practices into everyday service delivery to help empower clients do what they can for themselves.
support worker with happy client
Principles of wellness and reablement
A document explaining the concept of wellness and reablement for CHSP support workers. It identifies eight underlying elements – or key principles – of wellness and reablement.
Support worker and elderly lady in a wheelchair inside
Conversational tips
How to have a conversation on wellness and reablement with the client (without using the word reablement) by instead defining and illustrating your delivery approach and how doing with, rather than for, can benefit the client.

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